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Selecting the Right Summer Handbag for You

Summer comes around every year and women feel that is a good reason to purchase a new stylish and trendy designer handbag.

Many women have a handbag to go with every outfit while others will carry the same basic handbag everyday and only use a different handbag or clutch for special occasions.

Regardless of how often you use your handbag there are a few things to consider when purchasing that new summer handbag.

What is your body type?

When you see a new handbag in an advertisement or hanging on another person's arm that is so attractive that you want one, think about the difference in the person's body type that is carrying the handbag and your body type.

If the other person is tall and slim and your body type is five foot two and petite then the handbag may not look as attractive when you carry it.

The opposite applies as well.  If you see another person carrying a cute and tiny purse but they are shorter than you then that same purse may tend to make you look larger if your body type is different.

If you are trying to draw attention away from or toward a particular part of your body then you will want to consider a bag that hangs, or doesn't hang,  at that body level because an attractive bag will draw eves to that part of your body as well.

How much do you carry?

If you have a need to carry a lot of items then you will want to look for a bag with lots of organizer compartments.  Even small handbags can come with enough pockets and slots to keep your handbag  from looking like a shopping bag.

If you carry a lot of items like credit cards then look for a handbag or purse with one or more secure slots or pockets.  If you travel a lot you may want an easy access pocket to keep things like your boarding pass.

Which Fabric, Print or Color?

If you are one who owns a number of handbags then you have the option of choosing many different prints, colors and styles.  You may have some traditional looking bags and some bright and "stand out above the crowd" type handbags.

If you are one who prefers to have just one or two standby handbags then stick to leather or canvas in a neutral color.  Be sure and get one that fits your body type and one that has the organizational features that you need.

Quality Counts.

Look for good materials and good construction.  You want one that doesn't flop or sag or that shows bulges from its inner content.  This is especially important if you are one who will be using the same bag everyday for many different occasions.
Read customer reviews to see what others have experienced with regards to the quality of the handbag you are considering purchasing.

Consider Where You Live.

Even a summer handbag that is considered stylish in a business district may not be considered stylish for someone living in a beachfront area.  One may require something more business or professional looking while the other may require something with bright colors and flowers.

Don't Have Buyer's Remorse

Regardless of your handbag needs enjoy the shopping experience.  Just be sure and think a little bit about the things we have mentioned here before you purchase so you won't have buyer's remorse in the end.

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