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Flying? Airport, Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Bags for Your Travel

Just making it to your seat on an airplane nowadays is like running an obstacle coarse. So, you want to do everything you can to reduce the obstacles.

One of the ways to do this is with a checkpoint friendly laptop bag.

Depending on how much you travel you may want a simple laptop bag or one on wheels or rollers. There are also breifcase and backpack versions. Below are some of the top rated airport safe and friendly laptop bags from which to choose.

Top Rated TSA Amiable Laptop Bags

Timbuk2 Command Laptop TSA Friendly Messenger Bag

The laptop compartment of this TSA compliant messenger bag unzips to lie flat to allow you to pass through airport security more quickly and without removing your laptop.
Timbuk2 Command Laptop TSA Airport Friendly Messenger Bag for Airport Travel.

The durable oxford nylon fabric of the bag feels smooth and has a nice subtle sheen.

Soft, padded sleeves protect two devices (iPad + Laptop Sleeve)

This airport friendly laptop bag has a waterproof TPU liner.

The detachable shoulder strap and hand strap allow you to carry your laptop as a briefcase when you prefer.

Accomodates 13", 15" and 17" electronic devices.

Napoleon side-entry accessory pocket and crater laptop sleeve has superior foam protection with twice the ventilation.

Bag comes in a variety of colors: Black, Diablo, Carbon, Dusk Blue/Black, Night Blue/Pacific, Peat Green/Algae Green and Rev Red/Black.

Checkpoint Friendly Messenger Bags

This TSA Friendly Laptop Bag is available at:  and

MobileEdge 17.3 Inch Alienware Orion ScanFast Checkpoint Friendly Messenger Bag, Black

Carrying your electronc gear in the airport friendly Alienware Orion messenger bag is as comfortable as it is convenient due to the extra-thick, padded shoulder strap.
17.3 Inch Alienware Orion Airport Checkpoint Friendly Messenger Bag for Airplane Travel

This laptop bag has alien accents throughout the bag, including the bold, black chrome Alien Head icon on the front and sets this bag apart from the crowd.

This messenger bag accommodates large laptops up to 17.3 inches and gets you through the airport checkin more quickly. Leave your laptop in the bag when passing through airport security checkpoints.

Features loads of interior pockets to carry your gear and the semi-rigid front panel provides extra support and protection.

Ergonomic backing and shoulder straps for maximum comfort. Detachable shoulder strap so you can carry as a briefcase.

Pass through luggage handle loop in the back.

Fits under your seat during air travel as required by airlines.

If you prefer a backpack, then see the backpack version of this bag below.

TSA Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Bags

Check out this Alien Laptop Messenger Bat at: and

SOLO Vector Collection Smart Strap Laptop Portfolio, Clamshell Design, Airport Security Friendly Case for Laptops up to 16 Inches, Black

The CheckFast™ clamshell design separates 16 inch laptop from accessories allowing you to clear airport security faster.
SOLO Vector Collection Smart Retractable Shoulder Strap Laptop Portfolio Airport Security Friendly Case, Black.

SOLO's innovative Smart Strap™ retractable shoulder strap automatically retracts into case when not in use.

Ride Along™ strap on back of case allows you to slip bag over telescoping handle system for consolidated travel.

Travel Sentry approved, meets all Checkpoint Friendly requirements to allow clear CheckFast x-ray scanning.

Interior organizer provides file pockets, pen loops, business card slots and additional accessory pockets.

Exterior front pocket provides fast access to accessories and keys while traveling.

Color: Black

Smart Strap Laptop Portfolio, Airport Security Friendly

Purchase the SOLO Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Bag today at:

Wenger 16-inch Legacy Checkpoint Friendly Computer Case

This computer case is checkpoint friendly simplifies the airport security process.
Wenger 16-inch Legacy Checkpoint Friendly Computer Case.

Features a reinforced ergonomic handle and a quik pocket for easy access to tickets, keys, MP3 player and/or wallet.

Nice tear resistant shoulder strap.

Dimensions: 17" W x 15" H x 4 1/2" D.

Zipper goes all the way so that the case lies flat when opened.

Solidly constructed and has a rigid structure. Has a handy strap on the outside for attaching to your rolling luggage handle. Very user friendly.

TSA Friendly Laptop Carry On

Available Online at:

McKleinUSA River West Fly Through Checkpoint Friendly 17" Laptop Case

This River West case from McKlein is crafted of pebble grain calfskin leather and will allow you to carry your laptop anywhere in style.
Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Bag Leather

This business case features a secure, detachable checkpoint friendly laptop sleeve that can also be used as a separate case with detachable shoulder strap.

Laptop sleeve is padded with high-density foarm and accomodates most 17-inch laptops.

Features a front zipper pocket for small miscellaneous items and a front organizer pocket for media devices, cell phone, business cards, key holder and pens.

This nice leather checkpoint friendly laptop bag has an adjustable, non-slip, shock absorbing shoulder strap that helps alleviate body strain. The hand strap drop measures 5 inches. Shoulder strap drop measures 18 to 20 inches.

Available in Brown (shown) and Black .

Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Bag Leather

Available at: and

Everki Atlas Checkpoint Friendly 13-Inch to 17.3-Inch Laptop Backpack, Black, Adaptable Compartment

This Everki Atlas has an airport checkpoint friendly design and an adjustable laptop pocket for carrying 13-inch to 17.3 inch laptops or other electronic devices.
Everki Atlas Checkpoint Friendly Black 13-inch to 17.3-inch latop backpack adaptable compartment

If you are a business traveler then this laptop bag is the ideal companion. From its subtly stylish, handsome exterior to its thoughtfully-organized interior, the Atlas backpack is designed to meet the expectations of even the most serious traveling professional.

If you travel by air the checkpoint friendly design of this backpack makes passing through airport security a breeze.

The adjustable laptop slot has three separate panels that allow the user to set his or her desired size and secure your laptop with velcro strips.

In addition to being TSA airport friendly this backpack is equipped with a multitude of useful, highly-functional features some of which are a felt-lined iPad / Kindle / Tablet pocket, a trolly handle pass-through slot and a convenient newspaper / magazine pocket.

The Everki Atlas backpack is lightweight, durble, has high-quality zippers, numerous well-organized compartments and slots, a key ring buckle and a high-contrast orange lining.

Fits under airplane seats so you can carry-on.

TSA Friendly Laptop Backpack

Get your Airport Friendly Everki Atlas Backpack Laptop Bag at:

SwissGear SA1908 ScanSmart Backpack - Fits Most 17 inch Laptops

This TSA friendly laptop backpack unfolds at checkpoint to a flat position keeping above and below the laptop sections clear. The unique quick-recognition window design makes going through security less of hassle. TSA Friendly Laptop Backpack

This is a boldly colored cotton canvas laptop bag with synthetic leather trim and a classic messenger design.

A spacious main compartment has plenty of room for your folders, files and brochures plus your laptop in a secured laptop computer compartment.

The internal pockets provide room for storing your AC power adapter, accessories and personal items.

An organizer panel will hold your pens, ID, credit cards and other small items.

And the Nuo Eco-Friendly Canvas Laptop Messenger Bag has an exterior quick access pocket for things like your cell phone or ID card.

Comes in Red and Green colors.

Womens Laptop Bag Messenger

Get your Messenger Laptop Bag at:   and

Mobile Edge Checkpoint Friendly Women's Laptop Bag 16-inch

The Mobile Edge Checkpoint Friendly laptop bag is specifically designed for women. Mobile Edge Women's Airport Friendly Laptop Bag for TravelIt helps you to get through checkpoints at airport security quickly and with minimum delay.

This bag with its brightly colored rich suede and faux-leather exterior is an ideal companion for people who travel.

This 16-inch laptop bag also features an accented satin lining and a padded strap for extra comfort and support when carrying your laptop with you while traveling.

There are exterior pockets for additional storage and easy access to laptop accessories or personal items.

Holds PC laptops up to 16" and MacBook Pro 17".

This TSA compliant laptop bag may be the most versatile women's laptop case ever introduced.

Available colors: Pink and Green

Get this Women's Airport Friendly Laptop Bag at: and

Womens and Mens Laptop Bags That Are Airport Friendly

If you plan to carry your laptop when you fly then gettting through an airport today can be a lot easier when you carry your laptop or other electronic devices in an airport checkpoint friendly bag, case or backpack.

To find a stylish and functional airport friendly bag check out the large selections at, and. You can choose from laptop briefs, sleeves, bags or backpacks.


McKlein USA Roseville - Fly Through Checkpoint Airport Friendly Removable Rolling Women's Laptop Case
Targus Checkpoint Friendly Corporate Traveler Case for Laptops - Airport Check-in
McKlein USA Roseville - Fly Through Checkpoint Friendly Removable Rolling Ladies Laptop Case
Targus Checkpoint-Friendly Corporate Traveler Case for 14 Inch Laptops (Black)
CODI CT3 Checkpoint Tested Mobile Lite Laptop Case Roller Bag
Mobile Edge Alienware Orion ScanFast Checkpoint Friendly Backpack - 17.3" Laptop for Airport Travel
CODI CT3 Checkpoint-Tested Mobile Lite Laptop Roller Bag
Mobile Edge Alienware Orion ScanFast Checkpoint Friendly Backpack - 17.3" Laptop Traveler Information concerning "Checkpoint Friendly" Laptop Bags

Things To Know About Carrying Your Laptop On A Plane

If you are like me you want to keep your Laptop close at hand no matter where you are.  And, you sure don't want to check it at the airport.

Your laptop has vital personal and work information that you don't want to just be hap-hazard with.  Loss of all this data could be disastrous. And, if you have to check your laptop to travel you worry that it will be damaged or lost in transit.
If your normal luggage doesn't show up at the same time you do, you can go to a local retail store and pick up a few things to get you by.  But, if your laptop doesn't show up that is an entirely different story.

The TSA has various regulations concerning the items that are allowed and not allowed onboard planes.  Laptops are one of the items that TSA permits as a carry on item.  However, they have instituted certain rules regarding carrying laptops onboard and just being able to go through airport security without incident.

To make your whole check-in process with your laptop easy for you and the TSA agent you need to get and carry your laptop bag in a "checkpoint-friendly" laptop bag. The different styles of these bags are butterfly style, tri-fold style or sleeve style laptop carrying bags.

These airport friendly bags have separate laptop only sections and will lie flat on scanners.  They do not have zippers, snaps or buckles and do not have pockets on the outside or inside of the laptop section.  They also do not have any additional devices in bag.

With these type bags, you as a traveler, do not have to remove your laptop from the bag when going through the airport checkpoint because the TSA security personnel will have an unobstructed view of the bag's content.

Non Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Bags

Passengers traveling with laptop bags that are not checkpoint friendly must remove the laptop from the bag and place it in one of the scanning bins to pass through the x-ray machine.

Additional Checkpoint Considerations

The TSA agent may instruct a traveler to turn on their computer or ask questions about the computer, for no particular reason.  Simply being cooperative helps alleviate any difficulty and speed up your check-in process.  If you fail to answer their questions they do have the right to confiscate your laptop.

As a traveler be sure to put your name and address externally on your laptop.  It helps if there are multiple laptops passing through security at one time or if for some reason you have to go through additional inspections.

Avoid Damage To Your Laptop

If you choose to check your laptop for some reason you are taking a chance that it will be damaged in some way.

Depending on the capacity and size of the plane, there could be hundreds of pounds of pressure placed on your checked laptop bag and laptop.

Pressure combined with low temperatures and high altitudes, there is a very real possibility that your screen could be cracked or some other damage could occur to your laptop's parts.

Fly Anywhere

Whether or not you are flying domestic or international it pays to protect your laptop by carrying it on with you.  According to TSA it does not count as your carry-on item.


Always carry-on your laptop and use a TSA checkpoint friendly laptop bag.







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