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Understanding the Power of the Handbag

Have you ever thought of the true power of your handbag?  A handbag, especially a designer handbag, is an important part of your overall attire.

If you think that your dress is not complete without a handbag then you can come to realize the power that you place on your handbag to complete your look of beauty.  There may not be super power attached to your handbag but an attractive designer handbag that fits your body type will draw eyes in your direction when you enter the room.

A lot people think that women only use handbags and purses because they don't have pockets in their clothing like men do in which to carry their keys, wallet, id cards, etc.  Many think that if women had pocket in their clothes they wouldn't carry handbags at all. This might be true for everyday casual attire but not so for professional or evening attire.

Women dress to show off their curves and they don't want this bulge of keys sticking out somewhere and another bulge of their wallet sticking out somewhere else.  So, there is a practical reason for carrying a handbag but more importantly a nice handbag, along with attractive clothing, adds to a woman's beauty when dressed for the occasion.

Powerful women, such as queens, business ladies, first ladies are almost always seen with their designer handbags. And this part of her attire is often discussed by the media when discussing the event.  This goes to show that there is a world of power connected to a woman's handbag.

So, give some consideration to how well your handbag matches not only your dress but your body type as well.

By now you should realize that handbags do carry a lot of power (maybe not super powers) and you can better understand why others are staring at you when you enter the room dressed to the nines carrying your beautiful designer handbag.




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